Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NCT Institute Jacobabad

NCT institute is built in December 2013. Our aim is to provide IT education to the people of city Jacobabad. NCT offers one year diploma in information technology and certificate in information technology for six months. We have decided this place is just only for lack of IT field. There is no such a good awareness about computer in this city. NCT is only accessible and possible through our highly qualified IT staff to get command and certificate on IT field of computer. Everyone is expert having good experience and professional teaching techniques for the computer learners. Please to meet our instructor below.
Naeem Hussain master of computer science
Zain Memon master of Information technology

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why Paypal Account Mostly Blocked in Pakistan


PayPal or Payoneer account  in Pakistan is like a dream. You know hundreds of webmaster need this. After hard success to get verified their PayPal account in pakistan. Why your account is become blocked. There are many reasons which is why I am gonna share with you all of these. Let me explain one reason it could be verified by fake name and fake country. Another reason your account is registered in wrong way. It is cleared that Paypal is disabled in Pakistan now a days. So I humbly request you to please do not use fake and useless trick to get this. You know it is illegal so that is why 100 chances to block your PayPal account . Any way I am here and help you out. How would you be safe and secure while using  in pakistan.

How to Registered PayPal in legal way 

Solid way to get verified PayPal account. Which will never ever blocked in any condition. It is difficult but legal way. Okay! give me a minute to tell you how to trust?  Trust comes from friendship and relation. So my point goes toward make a friend out of country where Paypal service should be enabled. Request to your friend for registered a PayPal account for you. Say him. He should use your original name with your friend true country address and phone number. Any way every Pakistani may not believe other. That is why all are using fake country and address. Let this all right my aim to inform you that's it.

Tricks to Use safe and Secure PayPal Account in  Pakistan

1. Write your original name in registration form Which should be same on your N.I.C card and Payoneer master card.

2. Don't use proxy to login. Please remove hotspot shield like software from your computer. These kind of softwares break your security and your data will never be safe.

3. Before login remove all cookies and clear history from your browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer etc. 


Okay! We have done all are the best steps for stay us safe from blocking our account. Be honest if you like my article so please subscribe my site for upcoming exciting and more knowledgeable posts.Coment me If you want to know more or have you any problem regarding Payoneer and Paypal verification. I am always here to help you.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 5 Websites to Earn Money for You Just Like a Facebook Fan Page


Top 5 websites that I would like to share with you which  earn money online for you from Facebook fan page likes. Before starting all of this. I would like to share with you a something important about Profile and Facebook  Fan Page. You know that FB is now days number one social network of the world. Every online person has their profile in.  If you are a businessman you have a fan page of your business. Where people concern you with respect to your marketing and other product purpose. Any way every man either He is concern to eCommerce or not.

How to Earn money from Facebook Likes

One question always in your mind what benefit of our like to other. How to earn online to like a Facebook fan page?  Don't you think that your like is useless. It is a vote for success of his product. For example I have FB fan page  of my website where people likes me a lot. It It promotes me and my websites as well. Same like that every webmaster and every businessman who want to be top that is why they pay for like. Some website which are selling likes one of the most popular website I am going to share with you. Where you can like the fan page of other they will pay for it through proper way.

Top 5 Websites Which Pay you for like a Facebook Fan Page

Okay below are the all five best websites for you. Go ahead visit them all are fine for earning. That I have tested. I hope you like them very much.
One of the best web link according to my point of view.

Below links or also fine.

1.   Likesfollow. com

2.  addmefast . com

3  paid-to-like .com

4.  liketocash . com

5.  like4like. org

Final Words:
Above article is just for you that will help you to enhance your business as well as if you want to earn. Yes you can. Also they offer If you don't cash your earning then just go ahead to buy likes for your  fan page with your earning. Okay  I tried hard to explain and give you the best site as well. Now it is your job to subscribe my blog and comment me for more information thanks.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Stay Safe from Make Money Online Fraud


Make money online is not a big matter. But If someone want to earn money. I suggest you that do not invest your time. To search like how to earning. How to make some handsome amount on net. It is totally fraud over a internet. Listen why I say that. Because of If It is very very easy to earn over a internet every I.T related person would have started it from home. My bro you know the best is only to earn money from website. It is better than all other. But In this what happen. You know SEO (search engine optimization). You can not earn without the guidance of expert.  Any way let me explain you make money online is a fraud. There is no such kind of way to earn it. If it is possible that how! I will tell you after discussing my short story.

My Short Story to Make Money Online

Six months ago I started to to develop a website for earning some handsome amount on the internet. Because of I had done master in the computer science. I was free having no job. Also I had a internet connection. I was just thinking to earn online. So in this way I had searched a lot how to earn online. I saw many ways to making money. All the all are hard tricks. I was tried but I falled. But one day a very suitable plan gotten to me. Which was make money online from website. This thing was really inspired me. For this had begun  making strategy for website. I read all SEO carefully. I apply it. Honestly speaking I am earn nothing. 

What was my target? Which is that create 300 post and after six month you will be able to drive 40 to 80 thousand visitors from google. Its sounds good cause with 80 thousand people you can make money it is.  true. Yes I agreed you can earn from 80k visitors through services or advertising. How much you can earn 5 thousand or more that is true. But what webmaster are doing they are doing fraud with innocent newbie, you can earn 80 thousand, or 50, 40 a day. It is joke you know  there is no way to make it like this. Cause on visiting of a visitors we can never make money. We can earn only from advertisement and services.  

How to Hard Earning Online

 Lets see how it is hard. On 1000 thousand clicks you can earn only $1.  If you have 80 thousand visitor you will have gotten 2000 clicks only. It is proved that you will earn very very little amount from your hard work of six month. It is true If some one beginner I strongly recommended please you  should have to have read my article carefully before start your career online. 

Last resulting words

My dear friend keep your mind open to stay safe from online fraud. My aim to just tell you all about fake tricks of the many webmasters. They are very mean. If you see them with your open eyes everything will become true.  If this article touch to your heart you can subscribe my site for other exciting trick and tip. You can also join my social media. Comment me If you want to share with me some other true of online fraud.